Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will set forth terms of interaction between Command Post and its visitors/clients for the purpose of using its website, browsing or transacting. It will cover the use, collection and the protection of all personally identifiable information of customers who are using the website of Command Post.


What is personally identifiable information?


This information refers, herein, to data that is linked to a particular individual in the form of name, address, email address, telephone contact details, bank account numbers and debit or credit card details.


Our Protection Standards


Command Post will take all necessary steps in order to protect personally identifiable information that its customers or visitors will share. For the purpose of data protection, our systems have been configured with data encryption and firewall technology as per the industry standards. When a customer transmits personally identifiable information over the internet, it gets secured by the SSL or Secure Socket layer technology.


Information Usage


Personally identifiable information will not be used by third parties and it will not be sold to them. The telephone contact details and email addresses of our customers will not be shared by anyone else. Information concerning legal consultancy and fees paid by customers or heir choices and preferences will not be disclosed to any third party. Financial information in the form of bank account numbers, debit or credit card numbers or other personally sensitive information about the customer will not be revealed to anyone. Command Post will not offer any information to other commercial bodies that could use personally identifiable information of our customers for their commercial benefit.


Command Post will collect personally identifiable information from its customers on various occasions and this is done with prior intimation and knowledge of our customers. This information would be utilized for the exclusive purpose that is intended to operate the website and this would be done only after the customers approve it.


Command Post will also give further assurance that it will not trade in or make public to third parties any personal kind of information such as birth date or any other sensitive information pertaining to its customers, without their prior consent.


Command Post shall allow registered suppliers to access any information for the purpose of the confirmation of the registration process of its customers to provide them with benefits that they are entitled to.


Customers will be allowed to visit and browse the website of Command Post without revealing or providing their personally identifiable information.


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