Latest Legal News on Road Traffic Accidents

traffic jam in a city street road during rush hourThe solicitors at Command Post handle a vast number of all kinds of road traffic accidents every year. They have been able to arrange compensation claims in connection with road traffic accident cases fought by them. These accidents may result in injuries that are life changing for various serving professionals.

One of our clients, a serving professional, recently involved us in filing a claim for road traffic accidents. He asked us for guidance and help as the injuries he suffered with, had an impact on both his personal and work life. Our lawyers who are expert in road accident compensation cases were involved in issuing court proceedings when the insurers of the defendant created problems in negotiating an acceptable sum of compensation in this case. Through strong and persuasive negotiation, our lawyers were successful in securing a considerable sum towards his compensation and they avoided the need for taking this case to trial.

While processing the compensation claim for this road accident case, we were in a position to negotiate various interim payments for this client. Some of these payments helped with the treatment cost and our counseling while other payments were able to help his tough financial situation that was caused by the injuries. These types of interim payments helped in the progression of the client’s life, particularly through a traumatic and difficult period in his life.

The circumstances that surrounded this road traffic accident involved a response by our client to an emergency situation. He held an advance driving qualification and he was going along an intersection that was clear virtually of traffic. He was conscious of the fact that another car was trying to pull out of a side road to his left, a little ahead of him. When the vehicle of our client approached the right lane, the driver of that vehicle pulled out immediately on to the main road, straight into the path of the vehicle of our client. Our client tried his best to avoid this other vehicle but the defendant moved straight into the road’s center, without giving any indication and giving him no chance to avoid this collision. Both cars tried to avoid a major crash in vain and our client’s car was dashed off the road, resulting in the passenger’s side of the car body being dragged and hitting hard against a road divider.

Our client experienced pain in his head and neck. He also experienced dizziness. He also suffered trauma to his knee and wrist. He was taken to the nearest hospital and was given outpatient treatment. As the treatment was not helpful, he was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a wrist fracture and a concussion. In addition to these physical injuries, our client was also experiencing memory problems and was forgetting conversations and other minor details of where he may have left his personal items. He suffered later from panic attacks and was disoriented in noisy places. This made it difficult for him to move around in public and socialize.

Despite returning back to work after several weeks of recuperation, our client still had problems with concentration and his memory power. He had to retire from his working life on basis of medical grounds. Before this road traffic accident took place, our client was a confident extrovert. His bright future was quashed by this road traffic accident. Now, he stands at a disadvantage in the employment market and has lost his self belief.

Our specialist road traffic accident and personal injury compensation lawyers are there to offer you their specialist legal advice and consultancy. If you or any member of your family is involved in a road traffic accident, you could contact us at _________ and consult one of our expert advisers.

The latest statistical data concerning road traffic accidents indicates that more than one million people are involved in road traffic crashed every year. Injuries sustained in road traffic accidents are the major cause of compensation claims involving disability. These injuries result in significant losses to the victims and their families. The losses amass as a result of the treatment cost that includes investigation of incidents and rehabilitation.