The Command Post
This Site Is A Weblog Landmark
When we created The Command Post on 20 March, 2003, it quickly generated a lot of attention, soon becoming the first massive-scale group citizen journalism weblog. Over the next two years hundreds of people contributed, we were credentialed to both 2004 presidential conventions, and several of our pages were added to the Library of Congress MINERVA on-line collection.

Now, with the explosion of weblogs and Web 2.0 services such as search, tagging, and Technorati, the Web itself has become a single, massive-scale outlet for citizen journalism. One simply doesn't need Command Post much anymore, but we're keeping the site up as an archive ... a small historical landmark along the hyperlink highway. "Oh, look, honey," Web travelers might say, "here's where average people around the world first collaboratively reported and documented history for themselves on a global scale." Something may happen one day that warrants reactivation of the network, but until then, please read and enjoy.

Journalism for the people, by the people. It's a beautiful thing. Thanks for all your support ~ Alan & Michele