May 28, 2005

Saudi Arabian King Fahd Dead

Reports are coming in that Saudi Arabia's King Fahd is dead. The reports also say it will be announced on Saturday. There is bound to be a power struggle as is highlighted in the article below.

World Peace Herald

Reliable sources in the Saudi capital Riyadh said Friday King Fahd is dead, reports the Saudi Institute.

King Fahd of Saudi Arabia has been dead since late Wednesday, according to several well-placed sources in the capital Riyadh who spoke to the Saudi Institute, a pro-democracy think tank in Washington, on condition of anonymity.

The government also canceled all military leave, "a sure sign that something is happening," said the Saudi Institute.


A spokesman for the Saudi Institute told United Press International, "the official death of the king will be announced Saturday."

Fahd's death will impact the succession of the would-be king, Crown Prince Abdullah, who is half brother to the Sudairi Seven.

The Sudairis share one mother and include Fahd, Defense Minister Sultan, Interior Minister Naif, Governor of Riyadh Salman and other Sudiaris who form the most powerful alliance in the ruling tribe of Al-Saud, according to the Saudi Institute.

"Abdullah will find it impossible to wrestle the throne away from the Sudairis who want to maintain power in their branch. The struggle between the Sudairis and Abdullah, if any, would be pose a greater threat to the regime than violent groups who have been engaged in at times fierce clashes with government forces," reported the Saudi Institute.

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May 26, 2005

Bolivia About to Break Up?

Winds of Change.NET’s Latin America briefings have described some of the natural gas controversies in that country. Publius Pundit has done a great job covering recent unrest there (most recently, in “Roadblocks and Dynamite”). Jack Wheeler, meanwhile, explained the connection to his subscribers almost 2 months ago…

Bye-Bye Bolivia?
by Dr. Jack Wheeler

To The Point News Thursday, April 7, 2005

Dr. Jack Wheeler runs To The Point News, described as “An Oasis for Rational Conservatives.” Back in April 2005, Wheeler said serious trouble was coming to Bolivia - and recent events show he was on to something. We didn’t get the scoop as fast as his subscribers, but we’ve republished it now with permission.

This map of Bolivia may be about to become obsolete:

Bolivia Map

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March 07, 2005

Bono may head World Bank

The World Bank’s next president could be a rock star.

Treasury Secretary John Snow won’t rule out U2 front-man Bono as a candidate to replace the outgoing head of the development bank. James Wolfensohn steps down June 1.

Snow said Bono is “in a way a rock star of the development world, too.” Snow is part of a Bush administration team working to find a new president for the bank.

Bono has long been an activist for Third World debt relief and AIDS treatment.

Snow said former Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Carly Fiorina is also a candidate. Snow said Fiorina is “a friend” and someone he respects.

The bank has traditionally had an American president. Snow expects that tradition to continue.

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