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2004 US Presidential Election: Missouri

November 03, 2004

Matt Blunt Wins Gubernatorial Race

From Fox 2 News in St. Louis: It’s official, Republican candidate Matt Blunt has defeated Democrat Claire McCaskill 50-47% for governor, 100% precincts reporting. Blunt is expected to make a statement shortly, no word on when McCaskill will make a concession speech.


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UPDATE: Continued Precinct Reporting II

Now that Missouri officially went to Bush a couple hours ago, Bush leading 54-45% with 2,405 of 3,943 precincts reporting, the focus has turned to the close gubernatorial race. Republican candidate Matt Blunt has jumped ahead and taken a steady lead against Democrat Claire McCaskill, who previously led hours earlier. The governor’s race is fulfilling pundit’s predictions as being one of the tightest and most difficult to project.

Democrat U.S. Rep. hopeful Russ Carnahan hasn’t dropped his 9 pt. lead on Republican opponent Bill Federer.

The numbers:
U.S. Senator Precincts Reporting 2398 of 3931
Farmer, Nancy DEM 690,755 41.7%
Bond, Christopher (Kit) REP 949,106 57.3%

Governor Precincts Reporting 2392 of 3920
McCaskill, Claire DEM 790,561 47.5%
Blunt, Matt REP 853,523 51.2%

U.S. Representative - District 3 Precincts Reporting 109 of 305
Carnahan, Russ DEM 66,480 53.6%
Federer, Bill REP 55,256 44.5%

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November 02, 2004

Hanaway Concedes

From CBS affiliate KMOV:
In a shocking turn of events, Republican candidate for Secretary of State, Catherine Hanaway, has conceded early to Democrat Robin Carnahan.

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McCaskill Takes the Lead

How Fast The Tides Can Change:
In the past 20 minutes, Republican gubernatorial candidate Claire McCaskill, D, pulled ahead of Republican candidate Matt Blunt’s 2,281 vote lead in the past half hour when the latest precinct count upped her tally by 15,622 votes, giving her a 50%-48% lead over Blunt.

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CNN: Show Me State Goes To Bush

CNN TV is reporting that Bush has taken Missouri … which gives GWB 193 EVs and JK 112 EVs.

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Fox Calls MO for Bush

From Fox News:
The network calls Missouri and its 11 electoral votes for Bush.

Bush currently has 54% to 45% lead on Kerry.

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UPDATE: Continued Precinct Reporting

The race between Bush and Kerry will be tight until the finish, however in the past half hour Bush has pulled ahead two percentage points.

The hotly contested race for the House seat in District 3 — Richard Gephardt’s old post — is showing some space now with Bill Federer, R, and Russ Carnahan, D, at 46% and 52%, respectively.

Also, the Constitutional Amendment which would limit gas taxes and other related revenue to be spent only on transportation and highway maintainence is passing overwhelmingly with 83% of the vote so far.

U.S. President And Vice President Precincts Reporting 598 of 3943
John F. Kerry, John Edwards DEM 284,728 47.7%
George W. Bush, Dick Cheney REP 309,402 51.8%
Michael Badnarik, Richard V. Campagna LIB 1,888 .3%
Michael A. Peroutka, Chuck Baldwin CST 912 .2%
Ralph Nader WI 17 .0%
Total Votes 596,947

U.S. Senator Precincts Reporting 598 of 3931
Farmer, Nancy DEM 262,561 44.5%
Bond, Christopher (Kit) REP 323,626 54.8%
Tull, Kevin LIB 2,218 .4%
Griffin, Don CST 1,839 .3%
Total Votes 590,244

Governor Precincts Reporting 598 of 3920
McCaskill, Claire DEM 299,861 50.4%
Blunt, Matt REP 288,536 48.5%
Swenson, John M. LIB 4,536 .8%
Wells, Robert CST 2,051 .3%
Johnson, Kenneth J. WI 3 .0%
Total Votes 594,987

U.S. Representative - District 3 Precincts Reporting 75 of 305
Carnahan, Russ DEM 34,398 52.2%
Federer, Bill REP 30,548 46.4%
Babcock, Kevin C. LIB 775 1.2%
Renaud, William J. CST 184 .3%
Badaracco, Joseph L. WI 0 .0%
Total Votes 65,905

Constitutional Amendment 3 Precincts Reporting 247 of 3920
Transportation Yes 236,108 83.4%
No 47,150 16.6%
Total Votes 283,258

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Bush, Kerry Gap Closing In MO

Election Reporting:
Updated every half hour, totals so far show Bush in the lead with 50% of the vote and Kerry closing in with 48%.

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Precincts reporting:

U.S. President And Vice President Precincts Reporting 420 of 3943
John F. Kerry, John Edwards DEM 188,395 50.7%
George W. Bush, Dick Cheney REP 181,647 48.9%
Michael Badnarik, Richard V. Campagna LIB 1,037 .3%
Michael A. Peroutka, Chuck Baldwin CST 471 .1%
Ralph Nader WI 2 .0%
Total Votes 371,552

U.S. Senator Precincts Reporting 420 of 3931
Farmer, Nancy DEM 175,584 48.0%
Bond, Christopher (Kit) REP 189,340 51.7%
Tull, Kevin LIB 656 .2%
Griffin, Don CST 299 .1%
Total Votes 365,879

Governor Precincts Reporting 70 of 3920
McCaskill, Claire DEM 35,245 46.1%
Blunt, Matt REP 40,181 52.6%
Swenson, John M. LIB 693 .9%
Wells, Robert CST 334 .4%
Johnson, Kenneth J. WI 0 .0%
Total Votes 76,453

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Bush razing MO in fashions reminiscent of Jenghis Khan

CNN and Yahoo! both showing Bush at 61%. St. Louis will surely dilute this, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s got it.

Update: St. Louis is reporting in, diluting Bush down to 49%, with Kerry at 51%. Of course, only 7% are in so far. If Bush continues his pattern outside St. Louis, I think he’ll win big.

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Precincts Reporting - First Wave of Results

Election Reporting:
Updated every half hour.


Precincts reporting:

U.S. President And Vice President…
Precincts Reporting 1 of 3943

John F. Kerry, John Edwards……DEM 367 37.3%
George W. Bush, Dick Cheney……………REP 608 61.8%
Michael Badnarik, Richard V. Campagna…..LIB 4 .4%
Michael A. Peroutka, Chuck Baldwin……..CST 3 .3%
Ralph Nader………………………….WI 2 .2%
Total Votes 984

U.S. Senator…Precincts Reporting 1 of 3931
Farmer, Nancy…………DEM 342 35.2%
Bond, Christopher (Kit)..REP 616 63.4%
Tull, Kevin…………..LIB 9 .9%
Griffin, Don………….CST 5 .5%
Total Votes 972

Governor…….Precincts Reporting 1 of 3920
McCaskill, Claire……DEM 389 40.1%
Blunt, Matt…………REP 567 58.5%
Swenson, John M……..LIB 7 .7%
Wells, Robert……….CST 7 .7%
Johnson, Kenneth J…..WI 0 .0%
Total Votes 970

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Altercation, Arrest At St. Louis Poll

From KMOX Radio:
A report confirmed by St. Louis Police relates an altercation between two voters at a city precinct, one arrest was made.
No other information, including what spawned the altercation or the names of those arrested, has been made available.


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Race Is Tight In Missouri For Bush, Kerry

From The Post-Dispatch:
A recent poll shows Bush leading Kerry with Missouri voters who believe him to be better at handling the war on terror.

A new poll for the Post-Dispatch shows the race in Missouri tightening. President George W. Bush’s earlier lead has slipped among the state’s voters. But the Democratic challenger, Sen. John Kerry, has so far been unable to close the gap, in part because the poll shows a growing number of Missouri voters view him unfavorably.
The survey indicates that Bush, a Republican, still is seen as better able to handle the war on terror, but those polled appear to be a bit more pessimistic about the war in Iraq and the nation’s economy.
Meanwhile, Kerry’s standing among women appears to have improved slightly. But his overall unfavorable rating among state voters has climbed from 23 percent in January to 45 percent in the latest poll.
The upshot: Bush and Kerry enter the final week before the election in a too-close-to-call race among likely Missouri voters. Of those polled, 48 percent back Bush while 45 percent support Kerry. The remaining 7 percent said they are still undecided or have chosen a third-party candidate
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Voting Commences With No Problem - High Voter Turnout

Firsthand Account:
Despite claims by various groups that voting in Missouri would yield catastrophic fraud like in the 2000 election, voters and election officials alike are reporting that there have been virtually no problems at the polls, aside from small complications that plague virtually every election: slowness in verifying voter registration or addresses that have not been changed in the ballot books.

The biggest problem witnessed at The Plattin Middle School in Jefferson County, Missouri, were voters who either failed to have their voting cards and identification ready to present, or voters who forgot to bring their voting card to the poll, which resulted in their being denied a vote until they could be verified as a registered voter. At 11 a.m. there were still about 150 people snaked together in line and the parking lot was full with more cars waiting.

Voter turnout has been exceptionally high, with lines forming at polls even before 6 a.m. at precincts across the state.
Election officals stated that the heaviest crowds are in the mornings and evenings, with the real rush to the polls expected to start around 3 p.m.

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November 01, 2004

Current Poll Shows Gubernatorial Race Tied

From NBC affiliate KSDK:
Survey America conducted the latest poll of likey voters for the hotly contested gubernatorial race which shows Republican candidate Matt Blunt in a dead heat with Democratic candidate Claire McCaskill, both at 47% with a 3.8% margin of error.

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St. Louis Strengthens Security For Elections

From STL

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay said this morning that election and law enforcement officials will be on extra watch to make sure every eligible voter in the city is able to cast a ballot.
Slay said he wanted to avoid the “national embarrassment” of four years ago, when thousands of “inactive” voters were turned away from the polls.

The move is also designed to avoid another massive case of voter fraud that plagued the city in the 2000 election.

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