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2004 US Presidential Election
November 18, 2004
Washington | It's official, Dino Rossi has won

The closest governor’s race is now at end. The Secretary of State has certified Dino Rossi as the winner of the 2004 Governorship Election for the State of Washington. He won over Attorney General Gregoire (who works in Vancouver where I live) by 261 votes. Of course, under Washington State law if the vote is less than a 2,000 vote margin, there must be a mandatory recount. Now I’m expecting the Democrats in my state to get into a fit over this.

Meanwhile, I’m glad that Dino Rossi won. Because I know Gregoire’s reputation and it’s not that great to me. My friend used to work for her office and he was fired for wrong reasons. Thus giving me one of the reasons to vote against Gregoire for the Governorship. Plus the Democrats have too long controlled the governorship of Washington and I feel that there needs to be a change to a Republican Governorship which there hasn’t been one since 25 years ago.

Now, I would assume Lonewacko will go find some DU stuff about “Irregularities” in the Washington State Governorship. As I’m assuming he has the notion that all elections are perfect but 2004/0 and there has been no history of voter fraud. Psst, my mother works for the election in Washington State. And as evident by his blog, I’m assuming he’s going to keep doing the “Irregularities” post going until Bush is sworn in.

Funny thing about Washington’s Election was that Clark County had a history of voting for Democrats overwhelmingly over Republicans but this election proved that otherwise. Since that most Republicans are in the country area surrounding Vancouver/East Side vs the Democrats in the cities/North/West/South Side

2000 Election Locke won Clark County 54.2-43.3, Bush won 49.6-45.6
2004 Election (See Clark County)
Rossi won 52-44, Bush won 52-46

So it was quite a turnaround from a Leaning Democrat County to a Leaning Republican County.

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