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2004 US Presidential Election
November 02, 2004
Colorado | GOP Van Stolen, Torched

From KOAA :

An investigation is underway after a van was allegedly taken from the El Paso County Republican headquarters.

Officials from Fort Carson say the van was recovered on post.

Republican chairman Ted Halaby says volunteers for the Republican Party rented vans. The vehicles were decorated with George W. Bush and Pete Coors signs for their get out the vote activities.

Halaby says van was stolen between 3 and 4 o’clock Saturday morning.

A spokesperson with Fort Carson’s public affairs department says that van was found on their property. A soldier found the van with smoke coming from the driver’s side. Authorities were called to the scene and investigated the situation.

Colorado Springs police are looking into the alleged theft.

Blog The Inner Circle has a first-person report :

The 96-Hour Campaign had rented several vans for Tuesday, to drive voters to and from the polls. They were all parked at the top level of the Kiowa St. parking garage near Bush/Cheney-Pete Coors headquarters. I, along with a few others, had decorated the vans with Bush/Cheney and Coors signs Friday night. They were left in those spots as we went home, since it was after midnight. Apparently one of the vans was not locked properly (we didn’t go into the vans to decorate them; we just taped signs onto the outside) and a group … stole it.

Thy drove it through one of the gates of Ft. Carson, the largest military installation in town, and then set fire to the van.

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