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2004 US Presidential Election
October 31, 2004
Colorado | Colorado Introduction

Hello from the swing state of Colorado! These are some of our key issues in this election:

President - We are considered a swing state though the polls now show President Bush leading by a comfortable margin. (Colorado polls have been notoriously unreliable these last couple election cycles.)

Senate: Coors vs Salazar - It’s been a close race between Pete Coors & Ken Salazar for the seat vacated by Sen. Ben Nighthorse Cambell. Polls show the Democrat, Ken Salazar, is leading.

Amendment 36 - Would divide up the state’s electoral votes based on a percentage of the vote instead of the current winner-take-all system. This is expected to go down in flames.

Amendment 37 - Would require utilities to generate a certain percentage of their power from renewable resources. There has been very little organized opposition to this proposed amendment.

Referendum 4a - FasTracks. This would increase sales taxes in the Denver metropolitan area .4 percent to fund a $4.7 billion mass transit expansion. This is expected to pass as opponents to this referendum were heavily outspent. The two Denver papers were split in their recommendations on this referendum.

More to come.

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