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2004 US Presidential Election
February 02, 2004
Command Post 2004 Polls | The Beginning of the End.

Sen. Kerry has a few lines which he doesn’t overuse; “This campaign is the beginning of the end for the Bush White House”, or “Don’t vote to send a message, vote to send a Dem. President into the White House”. Perhaps this will assist to his advantage in a dual with Edwards and his popular yet painfully repeatitive “2 America’s” stump speech. Though Kerry affiliation with Special Interest might get the best of him yet.

While this New York Times artilce, Left at the Alter, Missouri Seeks New Groom at Last Minute, notes the sizable trophy awaiting John Kerry,

Missouri is far from Mr. Kerry’s base in Massachusetts. It is also one of the first states on the electoral calendar with large metropolitan areas — St. Louis and Kansas City and their suburbs will account for nearly three-quarters of the vote — and populous rural areas, too. It has a sizable African-American minority (11.2 percent) and a growing Hispanic population.

In brief, it has most of the pieces of the American puzzle.

The Associted Press; Kerry, Dean Spar over Special Interest continues to show Kerry’s weak spots coming to the foreground. Edwards sits from the sidelines as Dean builds on a confrontation in his remarks yesterday about Kerry,

“He misrepresented himself, grossly misrepresented himself, as a candidate who would take on special interests in Washington,”

This Washington Post article is already getting a lot of attention. Dean Vows to Stay In Race Even if he is Winless Tuesday

“To suggest that anyone ought to step out of the race after 10 percent of the delegates are selected is ridiculous,” he said at an appearance in Milwaukee

Rueters is keeping it’s eye in the quiet guys.

Edwards leads SC, Clark in OK.

“If Edwards wins in South Carolina and polls strongly enough to win delegates in Missouri and Oklahoma, he has some significant regional strength and can certainly make a case to go on,” pollster John Zogby said.

On Campaign Trail, Edwards Combines Personal With Political, NYT, notes that Edwards

is able to use vivid language and big themes to move his audiences in a way that none of his opponents, except perhaps for Howard Dean, have been able to do.
It is one reason, many Democrats say, that should Mr. Edwards survive the primary here on Tuesday and show some strength elsewhere, he may emerge as the only Democrat with a shot at stopping Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts after his wins in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The Washington Post, Eager to Face Any Jury - and the Voters notes his inspiring lovability,

“The problem was that all the older women wanted to take him home as their son, and all the younger ones wanted to go out with him,” rued an attorney for several doctors sued by Edwards on behalf of brain-damaged babies. “You’d think, ‘Okay, if the women like him, the men must hate him.’ But then the guys just saw him as one of them.”

One thing is for sure. Tomorrow marks the official beginning of the end for somebody.

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