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2004 US Presidential Election
December 16, 2003
| Howard "Dr. No" Dean: Is he Dividing the Democrats?

At least Joe Lieberman - who seems to have made a hobby out of dissing Dean - thinks so.

"He seems to believe if you are just against everything, that's enough. Against removing Saddam Hussein, against middle-class tax cuts, against knocking down the walls of protection around the world so we can sell more products made in America," Lieberman said. "Dr. Dean has become Dr. No."

He also thinks Dean is unelectable. So does the Democratic Leader Council.

Then there's the attack ad, paid for by Americans for Jobs, Health Care and Progressive Values:

Who are the Americans for Jobs, Health Care and Progressive Values? Their press secretary is Robert Gibbs—who, until recently, worked on John Kerry’s campaign. Their Treasurer is David Jones, who used to raise money for Dick Gephardt. The president of the organization, Former Congressman Edward Feighan, was one of the earliest $2,000 contributors to Dick Gephardt’s presidential campaign.

You can view the ad here and read more about Dean and the "smear campaign" against him here.

Posted by Michele at December 16, 2003 07:44 PM | TrackBack
Comments is being auctioned on ebay. There are about 2 hours left and a Dean supporter leads with a $9.99 bid. I’m surprised Dean opponents are letting them get the domain name so cheaply! Check it out:

Posted by: Anti Dean at December 21, 2003 08:38 PM

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